Thoughts on spring

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hi neighbors! Although we still have some cold nights ahead, it seems spring has sprung! Now we can cautiously stop worrying about ice and snow and start worrying about thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes.

On a personal note, I celebrated another birthday yesterday! It was nice to have family around to celebrate and share a movie with. It's always a shock to wake up one morning and realize you've gained a year overnight.

I'm at the awkward age when I can't transpose the numbers and come out ahead. I could do like Jack Benny and remain 39 forever. I've told the kids no more candles on the cake because I'm tired of dragging in a snow blower to blow them all out.

While I was in Des Moines, both my daughter and my son-in-law had back-to-back birthdays; and my step granddaughter's was just a few days later. The next one up is my granddaughter's in June; then my step grandson's in September. My son has his in January and my daughter-in-law's is in November. Lots of best wishes to get us through the year!

While in Des Moines I went to see the new Batman vs. Superman movie. It was a good movie and I recommend it. Stay till the credits start rolling though because there is a trick ending. The best part, in my opinion, was the return of Wonder Woman! She has always been one of my favorite superheroes because she is strong, smart and female. If you ever liked Wonder Woman in the comics or on television, you will like this new version of that character.

Another movie I'm really looking forward to seeing is the new Tarzan remake. From the trailers it appears they follow the book more closely than most. It should be a great show!

Tarzan was one series written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, one of my favorite authors. We have discussed various writing styles in the Creative Writers group and Burroughs' style was and remains, one of my favorites. He didn't follow a single character through the story line, but followed the protagonist, antagonist and usually at least one other person or group until the climatic meeting of all involved. As the story progressed, each of these story lines overlapped and blended to show the synchronicity of the plot. It was a type of writing that was complicated but fast paced. If you haven't read the Tarzan series of books, please do. You will be delighted.

By the way, the Creative Writers group will meet this Monday at the Nevada Public Library meeting room at 10:30 in the morning. We took a break during the winter, but I'm looking forward to some productive meetings this year. Everyone with an interest in writing or any creative venture is invited. I hope you will join us.

I spoke with Flossie the other day and she insists she has no interest in gardening this year. "Not a flower, herb, or vegetable will I plant!" she told me emphatically. "I'm done with all that, at least for this year. Maybe next year. I've not sold my canning supplies yet."

If I know Flossie, she will find something to plant.

Personally, I'll stick with paper or plastic flowers on the porch and maybe a tomato plant or two in the yard. That's my idea of gardening.

Every year there are beautiful vegetable gardens and flower gardens all over Nevada. I'm always amazed at how good some lawns look.

Climate change folks estimate Missouri will be semi-desert by 2050. If you have a spring on your property hope it doesn't dry up, or the creek it probably feeds. We all need to think ahead and find ways to conserve water.

I get tired of worrying about the future. I've lived long enough to figure out that worrying about tomorrow just ruins today -- and does nothing to change tomorrow.

Until the next time, friends, remember that today is the only day we can make a difference.