NHS tennis team drops match to K.C. O'Hara

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Nevada High School tennis team was defeated 7-2 in a West Central Conference matchup against Kansas O'Hara, Wednesday in Kansas City.

With the loss, Nevada is 4-6 overall and 1-3 in the West Central Conference.

Singles results

* No. 1 singles: Jordan Sheehy (Nev) defeated Kyle Eckart 8-4.

* No. 2 singles: Jack Krawczyk (O'Hara) defeated Matthew Sommer 8-2.

* No. 3 singles: Ian Kimbrell (O'Hara) defeated Jace Lanham 8-3.

* No. 4 singles: Tristan DeGonia (O'Hara) outlasted Sheel Patel 9-8 (7-3 tiebreaker).

* No. 5 singles: Jonathan Torgerson (O'Hara) defeated Vasantgiri Goswami 8-6.

* No. 6 singles: Sam Creasy (Nev) defeated Alex Davis 8-6.

Doubles results

* No. 1 doubles: Krawczyk and Kimbrel (O'Hara) topped Sheehy and Sommer 8-5.

* No. 2 doubles: Eckart and DeGonia (O'Hara) bested Lanham and Creasy 8-3.

* No. 3 doubles: Torgerson and Davis (O'Hara) edged Patel and Goswami 8-6.

Up next

The Tigers hit the road Tuesday for a West Central Conference match with Warrensburg High School.

Check a future edition of the Daily Mail for match results

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