Letter to the Editor

Now, I am officially an Independent

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dear Editor:

It appears to me that America may have on the scene a person, Donald Trump, who exemplifies in the political world the famous saying of Edmund Burke which is: "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." What Trump has done is to expose the Republican Party as evil, being for the agenda of elite and not of the people. As for me, the Republican Party from now on will be referred to as the "R" Party. The last straw of abuses that has occurred this year is the "R" Party repeatedly trying to override the will of the voters to deny Trump the nomination of the "R" Party. This has caused the change in my attitude toward the Party. The "R" Party leaders of Colorado established a way to select the "R" Party delegates to the "R" Convention without the people of the State voting. That sealed the deal in my mind. I have always thought that the "R" Party was a party desiring to represent the will of the people and to conform to the U.S. Constitution, wrong.

The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution begins by stating "We the People." These three words are most specific by referring to "We the people" and not to any special group such as the "R" Party. It did not say: "We the "R" Party." Colorado "R" leaders by taking the right to vote for the delegates of their choice have tacitly told them the "people" of "We the people" no longer count. The right to vote and to elect our leaders is a fundamental principle of America. But, now we are learning that the "R" Party operates by different principles: "the Party uber alles." To defeat Trump, the people's choice, at the Convention in Cleveland, different opinions exist. All attempts, surely, will be spearheaded by the people deniers: RNC or "R" insiders or both. To deny Trump the nomination should he continue to garner the most popular votes, the most delegates, and the most states won of any other candidate as is presently true would be a denial of the will of the people, a basic fundamental principle of American government.

On the other hand, I believe there are many good "Rs" running for reelection and currently in office. But those in leadership position such as McConnell, Ryan, and the former House Speaker Boehner are not among them being against the will of the people as determined by what they have said about Trump and their failure to fulfill campaign promises upon being elected or reelected.

I am now officially an Independent. The "R" Party need not call me any more for financial help or to complete a survey of which nothing happens when the Senate and House are controlled by them that reflects will of the people per the surveys.


Gray Clark