Crossing the United States in the dark

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Jason Romero, a 46-year-old ultra runner from Denver, Colo. Gabe Franklin/Daily Mail

Nevada Daily Mail

Ultra-runner Jason Romero ran through Nevada Wednesday on his way to Boston, Mass.

The 46-year-old Denver, Colo., native is about halfway through his 3,300-mile trek from Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles to Faneuil Hall in Boston. When he arrives in Boston, he will become the first blind person to have run across the U.S.

From Courtney Patterson with the United States Association of Blind Athletes, "Diagnosed at 14-years old with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition that gradually decreases peripheral and central sight, visual acuity and the ability to perceive light, a retinal specialist told Jason Romero to 'forget about his dreams of becoming a doctor or lawyer.' Jason ignored the doctor's dismal prediction and went on to become an honor student, attorney, business executive at GE and Western Union and CEO of a non-profit school for children with Autism. But by 43 years old, Jason had lost 85 percent of his sight and found himself hopeless and depressed.

"It was that year Jason reached out to us at United States Association of Blind Athletes and started running again. Running and connecting with blind athletes across the U.S. pulled Jason out of depression and renewed his joy for life. VisionRunUSA is something Jason has dreamed about doing since 2014 when he found hope again through running. He is running 3,300 miles to raise awareness and support for the American visually impaired population which totals around 7.3 million."

According to Patterson, "You can also follow Jason's journey on social media, join the conversation (#VisionRunUSA) and track his progress in real time on his website:"

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