Letter to the Editor

So many helpful, cosiderate people in Nevada

Friday, September 2, 2016

Dear Editor:

Four weeks ago on Aug. 5, my husband and I were on our way from Ozark, Ark., to Independence, Mo., As we were approaching the first Nevada exit, our truck broke down. We managed to coast to the bottom of the exit ramp. We were in an unfamiliar place, we did not know a soul in Nevada. I started to call and found a tow truck, Garwood Wrecker Service. After I had them on the way I started to call to locate a shop that could look at our diesel pick up. I was coming up with nothing when someone recommended Roger Conner's Shop. I called him and he told me to bring it right in and he would look at it. During the time that it took to get a tow truck, several of the good people in Nevada stopped to make sure we were OK.

Well, the tow truck showed up and in it was the nicest guy. He told us that Conners was the best in town to work on diesels. We took it to Roger and he was super nice. He even loaned us a vehicle so that we could go get some lunch. We had to wait on some friends from Windsor to come get us because the parts that we needed were not available until the next Monday. Roger stayed there with us so we were not sitting on the curb with our luggage.

I want to thank the good people of Nevada. I want to send out a big thank you to Roger Conner and the people of Garwood Towing. If I had to break down, I am so glad that I did it in Nevada.


Mary Graham