Lady Tigers post strong showing at Ozarks invite

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Nevada Lady Tigers swimmers, front row from left: Paige Webb and Jade De Baere. Middle row: Janna Scotten , Brynn Wolfe, Peyton Claypool, Noel Lunkenheimer, and Maggie Leisure. Back row: Carlie McCaffree, Makayla Haner, Mikayla Mohrman, Amara Pippen, and Ali Lunkenheimer. (Submitted phot)

The Nevada Lady Tigers swim team was in top form at Saturday's Ozark Invitational, finishing sixth out of 24-teams.

NHS results

* 200-yard Medley (A) Relay, fifth-place, 2:05.06: Makayla Haner, Peyton Claypool, Janna Scotten, and Carlie McCaffree. (B) Relay exhibition, 2:21.12: Hallie Short, Megan Hold, Maggie Leisure, and Brynn Wolfe.

* 200-yard Free: Paige Webb, 20th, 2:26.97; Maggie Leisure, 29th, 2:36.90; and Alyssa Wilson,32nd, 2:39.94
* 200-yard Individual Medley: Makayla Haner,7th, 2:35.92; Janna Scotten, 12th, 2:42.80; Hallie Short, 32nd, 3:07.73; and Marissa Matthews, 37th,3:15.97.

* 50-yard Free: Carlie McCaffree, 14th, 27.68; Emily Simrell, 32nd, 32.88. Exhibition: Amara Pippin, 32.45; and Morgan Smith, 32.70.

* 1-Meter Diving: Morgan Smith, 12th, 233.80.

* 100-yard Butterfly: Maggie Leisure, 21st 1:22.22.

* 100-yard Free: Carlie McCaffree, 13th, 1:03.25; Mikayla Mohrmann, 22nd; 1:05.37; Janna Scotten, 23rd, 1:05.79; Exhibition: Aly Lunkenheimer, 1:08.92.

* 500-yard Free: Paige Webb, 15th, 6:36.08; Aly Lunkenheimer, 22nd, 7:08.37; and Alyssa Wilson, 27th, 7:20.07.

* 200-yard Free (A) Relay: 6th, 1:58.76: Mikayla Mohrmann, Peyton Claypool, Paige Webb, and Megan Hold. (B) Exhibition relay: 2:17.74: Marissa Matthews Jade De Baere, Emily Simrell, and Morgan Smith.
* 100 Backstroke: Makayla Haner,7th, 1:09.17; Amara Pippin, 35th, 1:27.21; Hallie Short, 47th, 1:33.09; and Noelle Lunkenheimer (exhibition) 1:38.00.
* 100 Breaststroke: Peyton Claypool, 8th, 1:18.83; Megan Hold, 18th, 1:24.60; Brynn Wolfe, 31st, 1:32.98; and Noelle Lunkenheimer, 45th, 1:46.58.

* 400 Free (A) Relay, 7th, 4:26.06: Carlie McCaffree, Janna Scotten, Mikayla Mohrmann, and Paige Webb. (B) Relay exhibition, 4:52.18: Marissa Matthews, Megan Hold, Hallie Short, and Maggie Leisure.

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