Lady Tigers claim Carthage Invitational swim title

Saturday, January 21, 2017
The champion Nevada Lady Tiger swim team, pictured front row: Emalie Bower. Second row, from left: Sami Fine, Noelle Lunkenheimer, Alyssa Wilson, and Hallie Short. Third row: Megan Hold, Brynn Wolfe, Paige Webb, and Aly Lunkenheimer. Back row: Lady Tigers head Coach Samantha Short, Janna Scotten, Amara Pippin, Makayla Haner, Carlie McCaffree, and Emily Simrell. (Submitted photo)

The Nevada Lady Tiger swim team is on a serious roll.

After winning seven of eight duals at the Jan. 12 Joplin Quad, Nevada retuned to the pool Tuesday, capturing first place at the six-team Carthage Invitational.

The Lady Tigers were especially dominant in relay events, sweeping the 200-yard Medley Relay, and the 200 and 400-yard freestyle relays.

Lady Tiger swimmers who won individual events, were: Makayla Haner, Carlie McCaffree, and Janna Scotten; while Peyton Claypool, Paige Webb and Brynn Wolfe achieved runner-up finishes.

"The girls are great swimmers and just continue to improve," Lady Tigers head coach Samantha Short said, adding that the addition of senior Megan Hold has been impactful on relay events.

"It's made a huge difference as far as what Megan can bring to the table. Therefor, I can move Carlie to the fly (position), and she's the fastest flyer we have on the team ---- so that drops time too. The girls are kind of hitting their stride right now."

Short said Haner, a junior, is one of the hardest working swimmers she has ever coached.

Makayla is very driven," Short said. "It's important to Makayla that she makes her times at practice. She is very disciplined."

In addition, Short described McCaffree, a sophomore, as "gifted," and a "natural talent" in the pool.

Nevada results

* 200-yard Medley Relay: Makayla Haner, Peyton Claypool, Carlie McCaffree, and Megan Hold; first-place, 2:02.93.

* 200 Freestyle: Paige Webb, 2nd, 2:26.09; Aly Lunkenheimer 8th, 2:38.83; Alyssa Wilson, 11th, 2:46.06; and Sami Fine, 13th, 2:54.29.

* 200-yard Individual Medley: Makayla Haner, 1st, 2:37.74; Janna Scotten, 3rd, 2:47.02; and Hallie Short, 7th, 3:06.72.

* 50-yard Freestyle: Carlie McCaffree, 1st, 28.14; Megan Hold, 3rd, 28.88; Emalie Bower, 7th, 31.60; and Amara Pippin, 8th, 32.21.

* 100-yard Freestyle: Janna Scotten, 1st, 1:05.49; Brynn Wolfe, 2nd, 1:07.47; and Morgan Smith, 9th, 1:16.63.

* 500 Freestyle: Paige Webb, 4th, 6:43.42; Aly Lunkenheimer, 5th, 6:54.50; Alyssa Wilson, 9th, 7:25.49; and Noelle Lunkenheimer, 11th, 7:48.21.

* 200-yard Freestyle Relay: Janna Scotten, Carlie McCaffree, Peyton Claypool, and Megan Hold; first-place, 1:55.62.

* 100 Backstroke: Makayla Haner, 1st, 1:08.41 and Amara Pippin, 7th, 1:24.74.

*100 Breaststroke: Peyton Claypool, 2nd, 1:19.44; Megan Hold, 3rd, 1:25.96; and Brynn Wolfe, 6th, 1:30.71 .

* 400-yard Freestyle Relay: Janna Scotten, Paige Webb, Hallie Short, and Makayla Haner; first-place, 4:37.31.

Up next

The Lady Tigers return to the pool today, as they're set to compete in the 15-team Webb City Invitational.

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