Planning board approves zoning for apartment building

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The area is mostly rental property and is occupied, Christie Rodriguez, told the Nevada Planning Commission about property that she wants to have rezoned from R-1, single family residential, to R-3, apartment district.

Rodriguez, who owns the Academy of Cosmetology and Esthetics, told the commission that she wants to purchase property located between Division, Nicholson and Jefferson streets to build an apartment that some of her students could stay in while attending classes.

This property is located in southeast part of town.

Rodriguez said they have about 25 students and the school is nationally accredited.

"I'm looking to do something for my students," she said, adding that some of the students come from Carthage.

"It's hard for them to find affordable housing," she said.

Johnna Williams, the city planning director, told the commission in response to their questions about water and sewer in the area, and parking, that would be decided later when she has a plan for the project.

"The first step is to change the zoning," Williams said.

The commissioners voted 7-0 to send a positive recommendation to the city council to change the zoning.

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