Nevada -- Girl Scout cookies are here!

Friday, February 17, 2017
Monica Rainey sorts cookies for her troop members. Gabe Franklin/Daily Mail

The scene at the Fraternal Order of Eagles on Thursday afternoon resembled a dock yard warehouse with cases of cookies stacked pile upon pile as a steady stream of minivans and SUVs came and went. It is that time of year again Vernon County -- Girl Scout Cookies are here!

"They're good, like a non-minty grasshopper," Deana Amicone said of the new S'mores cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies were delivered to the Vernon County Service Unit on Thursday and distributed to the individual troops and scout's families. A total of 596 cases were delivered to fulfill pre-orders that scouts have been collecting over the past weeks. At 12 boxes a case that comes out to 7,152 boxes of cookies.

If you did not pre-order this year, do not despair. Beginning on Feb. 18, Girl Scouts will be set up in front of Wal-Mart, Woods, Family Video, Sutherlands, Emery's Truck Stop in Deerfield, Orscheln, and Casey's on Austin Boulevard. But hurry, booth sales only go through April 3.

"We have a 'cookie cupboard' in the county so we shouldn't run out," Girl Scout leader Joelle Mason said.

Cookies available this year include Thanks-A-Lot, Girl Scout S'mores, Lemonades, Shortbread, Thin Mint, Peanut Butter Patties, Carmel deLites, and Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Gluten-free Trio's were unavailable for pre-order but will be available during booth sales or by calling Joelle Mason at 417-321-1861.

Mason said the gluten-free Trio's sold out very quickly last year, and encouraged anyone wanting to buy them to order quickly.

In 2016, more than 1,100 cases of cookies were sold by Girl Scouts in Vernon County. Of those, 592 cases, or 7,104 boxes, were pre-orders.

Mason said the Vernon County Service Unit's goal for 2017 was to sell 13,697 boxes, slightly more than 2016's actual sales of 13,298 boxes. The goal for Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland is 103,000 cases, or 1,236,000 boxes of cookies.

Striving to meet this year's goal in Vernon County, are 107 scouts and their families spread across 12 troops.

Girl Scouts is open to girls ages kindergarten through high school. Anyone interested in scouting or volunteering can called Mason or email her at

In 2016, pre-orders had decreased from the 835 cases in 2015, possibly due to an increase in price per box. In 2016, each box of deliciousness cost $5, up from $4 per box of 2015. A total of 1,400 cases were sold by the end of the 2015 season for a total of 16,800 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies

So significant was the increase that the Girl Scout's provided a pamphlet explaining the need for the increase as prices are not set locally, but by the regional entity, Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland.

According to that pamphlet, production costs account for $1.05 or 21 percent of each box.

Girl and Volunteer Support account for $1.18 or 23 percent of each box and go towards helping underserved girls, volunteer training and materials, volunteer recruitment, and staff support.

High Quality Girl Scout Programs receive 33 percent or $1.64 per box. These programs include leadership, business and financial literacy, outdoor adventure, and STEM. This portion of the per box costs also contributes to maintaining Girl Scout camp and program sights, and to fund council-hosted girl and volunteer events, financial assistance, and staff support.

The last 23 percent goes to the individual troops and account for $1.13 of each box in the form of Troop Earnings, proceeds, bonuses and Troop Bucks. This also funds Girl Recognition, and Service Unit and Council Goal Bonuses.

According to GCMH, the increased price of the cookies goes back to the troops and the girls and helps cover costs such as events, uniforms, and membership dues. Troops receive Troop Bucks from GSMH, which helps with event costs, travel costs, troop supplies, and membership dues.

GSMH also operates and maintains five service centers and eight program centers that provide services and outdoors activities for the scouts. GSMH provides four summer camps, and a year round equestrian program. Use of GSMH property is free for members of the council.

You can find your cookies at The Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland website can be found at

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