Inmate sues over alleged mistreatment

Monday, June 12, 2017

On Wednesday, Kansas City attorney, Thomas J. Porto, filed a lawsuit in Vernon County Circuit Court, on behalf of Harry Foreman, Archie, who was arrested and became an inmate of the Vernon County Jail on March 15.

According to statements which precede the suit’s four counts, Foreman claims that upon entry to the jail, he asked jailer, Joseph Housel, why he had been arrested, to which Housel allegedly replied “‘Are you going to cooperate?’”

After allegedly repeating the question, “Housel replied, ‘You’re about to have a very bad day.’ Housel then slammed Plaintiff to the ground.”

It is further claimed Housel takes Foreman to the “‘slam cell’ … a small cell without a restroom where inmates are held for many hours and often forced to urinate and defecate in a drain.”

It is alleged jailor, Darris Meyers, retrieved Foreman and took him to the shower where he was ordered to strip and shower in front of Meyers and later, while handcuffed, the still-naked plaintiff was “dragged … through the jail in front of male and female inmates and other jail personnel.”

The suit claims Meyers then bound Foreman to the “turtle chair,” which is “usually reserved for suicidal inmates, which Plaintiff was not.”

Finally, it is alleged “Meyers then wheeled the bound, still-naked Plaintiff back to the shower area” where “Meyers then began throwing buckets of water in the Plaintiff’s face.

The first two counts makes federal claims of “cruel and unusual punishment,” and a “failure to supervise and train,” while the third and fourth make state claims of battery by Housel and Meyers.

The suit seeks attorney fees, court costs, mandatory training and unspecified damages.

According to CaseNet, Foreman was charged with four class C felony counts of possession of a controlled substance and one class D felony count of resisting arrest.

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