Neptunes make waves at Tri-State B-championships

Friday, August 4, 2017
Pictured above: Nevada Neptunes swimmers who competed in the recent Tri-State B-championships in Pittsburg, Kansas. Front row, from left: Kenny Evans and Natalie Hope. Middle row, l-r: Molly Russell, Nani Dawson, Rowan Johnson, Mary Kate Russell, Avery Morris, Chloe Morris and Allie McCaffree. Back row, l-r: Lauren Bloom, Alli Dawson, Emma Bruce, Kalen Morris, Kailyn Evans, Delaney Hope, and Hallie Short.
Matt Resnick | Daily Mail

The Nevada Neptunes swim team hit the pool last weekend in Pittsburg, Kan., for the Tri-State B-Championships. The Neptunes, coached by Samantha Short, placed fifth at the 11-team championship tournament, with a team score of 291.

In addition, a trio of Neptune swimmers collected High Point awards: Braden Russell, boys 15-18 year-old division; Rowan Johnson, girls 9-10 year-old division; and Mary Kate Russell, girls 9-10 year-old division.

Neptunes results

Boys 8-and-under

Kenny Evans: 25-yard Freestyle, 4th; 25-yard Backstroke, 5th.

Girls 8-and-under

Natalie Hope: 25-yard Backstroke, 2nd; 25-yard Butterfly, 4th; 25-yard Breaststroke, 5th.

Girls 9-10 year-old

Medley Relay, first-place: Molly Russell, Nani Dawson, Mary Kate Russell, and Rowan Johnson.

Rowan Johnson: 50-yard Backstroke, first-place; 100-yard IM, 2nd; 50-yard Butterfly, 3rd.

Mary Kate Russell: 50-yard Butterfly, first-place; 100-yard Freestyle, 4th; 50-yard Breaststroke, 6th.

Nani Dawson: 50-yard Breaststroke, 3rd.

Allie McCaffree: 100-yard Freestyle, fifth.

Molly Russell: 50-yard Butterfly, fifth.

100-yard Freestyle Relay, first-place: Nani Dawson, Molly Russell, Mary Kate Russell, and Rowan Johnson.

Girls 11-12

Delaney Hope: 50-yard Freestyle, 2nd; 100-yard freestyle, fifth.

Avery Morris: 100-yard Freestyle, first-place; 50-yard Freestyle, 3rd.

Chloe Morris: 50-yard Butterfly, fifth.

Girls 13-14

Medley Relay, first-place: Emma Bruce, Kailyn Evans, Alli Dawson, and Lauren Bloom.

Emma Bruce: 50-yard Butterfly, 3rd; 50-yard Freestyle, 5th; 100-yard Freestyle, 5th.

Alli Dawson: 50-yard Butterfly, 2nd; 100-yard Freestyle, 3rd; 50-yard Backstroke, 4th; 100-yard IM, 5th.

Kailyn Evans: 100-yard IM, 6th.

200-yard Freestyle Relay, 3rd: Alli Dawson, Kailyn Evans, Lauran Bloom, and Emma Bruce.

Boys 15-18

Braden Russell: 100-yard Freestyle, first-place; 200-yard IM, 2nd; 50-yard Butterfly, 2nd; 50-yard Breaststroke, 6th.

Tyler Armstrong: 50-yard Freestyle, 2nd; 100-yard Freestyle, 2nd.

Kalen Morris: 200-yard Freestyle, 2nd.

Girls 15-18

Hallie Short: 200-yard Freestyle, 3rd; 50- yard Breaststroke, 5th.

Brynn Wolfe: 50-yard Butterfly, 3rd.

Combined team scores

1) Branson Waves, 665

2) Siloam Springs Flyers, 624

3) Joplin Stingrays, 468

4) Monett Waterthrashers, 316

5) Nevada Neptunes, 291

6) Pittsburg YMCA, 278

7) Carthage Aquatic, 157

8) Lamar Tiger Sharks, 68

9) Webb City Cardinals, 51

10) Parsons Dolphins, 29

11) Lebanon Yellowjackets, 18


The season-ending Tri-State A-Championships, this weekend in Monett.

Check a future edition for Neptunes results

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