Missouri House convenes for annual veto session

Friday, September 15, 2017

Missouri's 126th District

JEFFERSON CITY, MO — The members of the Missouri House of Representatives came together Sept. 13, to discuss the pieces of legislation that were approved by the General Assembly but vetoed by the governor. Of the handful of bills to consider, HCB 3 received all of the discussion. Members debated the merits of overriding the governor’s veto versus working together to find another funding solution to preserve in-home and nursing care for more than 8,000 disabled Missourians.

With funding issues and constitutional challenges to be considered regarding the earlier legislative solutions, Senate Leader Ron Richard and House Speaker Todd Richardson announced that their two chambers will work together to develop a new funding solution. Also to be considered is restoring provider rate cuts including cuts to private duty nurses who administer in-home neonatal care.

Richard and Richardson have asked Sen. Mike Cunningham and House Budget Chair Scott Fitzpatrick to work together, and to work with their colleagues from both parties, to formulate a fiscally responsible plan that will ensure services are maintained for some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens. Cunningham and Fitzpatrick have been charged to develop a proposal over the course of the next three weeks. They said once they have an acceptable plan, they will discuss available options to put the proposal into effect.

“It’s our job even in tough budget years to protect our most vulnerable citizens,” said Richard, R-Joplin. “Preserving funding for in-home and nursing care is important to both chambers, and together with the House, we can come up with a plan to keep those funds for senior services intact.”

“Finding a viable solution to preserve these critical services for disabled Missourians has been, and continues to be, a top priority for the Missouri House and for the General Assembly,” said Richardson, R-Poplar Bluff. “I’m confident that Rep. Fitzpatrick can work with Sen. Cunningham and with Republicans and Democrats in both chambers to find a fiscally responsible solution.”

Closing thoughts from Representative Pike: “We have been contacting Leadership and asking for continued consideration and a positive funding solution. I’m encouraged this issue is moving forward.” For more information, please contact Representative Patricia Pike at 573-751-5388 or Patricia.Pike@house.mo.gov.