Tiger middle school wrestling team opens season in Columbus

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Nevada Tiger middle school wrestling team opened its season at Saturday’s Columbus (Kan.) wrestling meet, as a number of Nevada Middle School student-athletes captured medals.

NMS Pool A results

(Note: Listed in order of weight)

• Ethan Dighero, fourth-place, 90 pounds; JD Downing, second-place, 95 pounds; Michael Culpepper, second-place, 110 pounds; Logan Smith, fourth-place, 165 pounds; and Skylur Mashek, second-place, 180 pounds.

NMS Pool B results

• Blake Cox, first-place, 85 pounds; Coulter Smith, second-place, 85 pounds; Joseph Fahnestock, second-place, 90 pounds; Braylin Brooks, second-place, 95 pounds; Russell Brattin, second-place, 100 pounds; Stephen Zachery, second-place, 105 pounds; Eli Mosher, third-place, 110 pounds; Kaden Padgett, fourth-place, 115 pounds; Michael Trease, second-place, 134 pounds; Tyler Vance, third-place, 180 pounds; Walter Dulaney, third-place, 260 pounds.

Other NMS participants, included: Mokey Dawn, 75 pounds; Daylan Harth, 100 pounds; Chance Dighero, 110 pounds; Asa Wilson, 120 pounds; and Lotus Van Dyk, 134 pounds.

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