Histories keep friendships alive

Friday, November 24, 2017

One of the disappointing thing about living in Morningside is that most of the residents are at least middle age plus. That means that several are in their nineties. Also since the residence is in Nevada it also means that I have known some for a good many years.

There is a Sunday School Class, which has several students living at Morningside. Unfortunately, three of them have died in the past few months.

Lester taught this Sunday School Class at the United Methodist Church. But I have good memories of all of these departed friends. I live with the memories of my husband, Lester but it would take a book to record all of those memories

Wes Haggans was such a close friend that he and his beloved wife, Pat sang at my father’s funeral. They always attended our Sunday School class and sat on the east side of the room where Wes could share some of his knowledge as a “pk,” Preacher’s kid, meals shared and enjoyment of my books added to the personality of this gentleman who was in every way a gentle person.

Next I want to share some of my memories of our lively dinner companion and share some of the stories he told.

When Ralph Reed started to tell a story it was wise to listen because of the variety of his tales. My favorite ones told about his experiences in the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps. He went into this straight from the farm and felt that it not only was a benefit to the country for some of the buildings (for example the bridges and buildings at Bennett Springs Camp off Highway 54) but was a benefit to the boys who enrolled in the Corp. He said it gave his parents a little extra money in those depression days and taught the boys a trade, or several trades, because they did a variety of jobs at these locations.

After Ralph finished the CCC work the he went into the Navy. We are so glad that he was feeling OK when they came to honor the Veterans here last week. His picture will remain with his veteran buddies even though he only lived a few days after the special honors.

After his Navy experience Ralph came back home and began farming and was very successful in that field and was respected by his neighbors and well known over the county.

All three of these residents who died recently will always be remembered because there are many of us who have fond memories of each of them. Each one will be remembered for his life’s work and his personality.

We feel proud to have been with them in their last days and will keep them alive in our memories by remembering the events they told.