Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hi neighbors, happy Cinco de Mayo! It has the distinction of being the only Mexican historical holiday celebrated in more states in America than in Mexico. One resource stated it is only celebrated in one state in Mexico. That’s OK. All of us like a mariachi band here north of the border; and we surely all love tacos, nachos and other famous Mexican dishes.

Personally, anything that resembles a party and encourages people to have fun together without judgment or anger is a good thing.

I don’t know how long it has been since any of you have bought a new bed. Be warned that it is not a simple process these days. First there is deciding on what size. I can remember when there were bunk beds, three-quarter beds, full sized beds, and twin beds. I can remember when Queen and King beds were first available!

All the beds in my life have been those with springs. These springs were made the same size as the mattress and consisted of two metal frames held together by connecting springs. To keep the springs from falling out of the bed frames, slender boards called ‘slats’ were laid under the springs. A cotton-filled mattress was placed on top and that was that.

Then someone thought it would be more fashionable to put a skirt on the springs and the ‘box springs’ was developed. This has been the norm for most beds from twin size up to King for several decades. Now, springs are not even used. A metal pipping frame is used for many beds.

Not only did the springs change, but mattresses have gone through a lot of changes as well. Some don’t even have springs. There have been inflatable beds, platform beds, water beds, pockets of water and pockets of air type beds.

After we landed on the moon, beds made of ‘astronaut foam’ became popular and still are in use more than ever. Various types of foam are used and other materials are added to make the foam mattresses more comfortable for many people. Foam mattresses are usually meant to be used on a platform base.

The futon bed was one of the first platform-type of bed to become popular. Because the frame and pad could be folded up to be used for seating when not in use as a bed, it was a great alternative for small apartments.

Many of you may remember an old style bed that is coming back into use. The ‘Murphy’ bed is now usually a platform bed with a foam mattress. Like the original bed, it folds up into a wall box when not in use to allow more living space during the day. These are becoming popular for small guest bedrooms.

As you can see I did a lot of research. I did feel I was more prepared to pick a bed than ever before. So when I went to the furniture store here in town, I wanted to appear knowledgeable about what type of bed I wanted.

“I don’t want foam, I want a pocket coil mattress and a sturdy base with lots of steel.” That was about all I knew from my research.

The salesman nodded and smiled. “Nancy, here is the industrial strength bed we call ‘the tank’. It’s used in hotels and offers years of service.”

I heard “the tank” and fell in love with the concept of a sturdy, reliable and seemingly indestructible bed. “I’ll take it!”

Don’t forget National Teacher Appreciation Day this coming Tuesday. Most schools are still in session and I’m sure most teachers will appreciate a little