Happy Fatherís Day

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Hi neighbors. Tomorrow is Fatherís Day! Although the modern celebration is well-known in America, the concept of a day to honor fathers is shared around the world. Some researchers have claimed it a special day for centuries. It seems one thing we have in common around the world is the fact that we all have fathers.

For all you people with fathers in the Baby Boomer generation, keep in mind that we Boomers have spent most of our lives being spoiled or spoiling ourselves. Men of my generation are not easily pleased when it comes to surprise gifts for Fatherís Day.

Donít bother with a nice dinner out. Most married men who are fathers associate going out for dinner with paying off a bet they owe their wives. Maybe an evening bowling would better suit them. How about taking him out to a shooting club and spending a couple of hours target practicing with guns and/or bows and arrows?

If you want to celebrate as a family, think miniature golf, taking in a movie, going shopping at stores that sell tools, a picnic that includes fishing or boating.

As an aside ó never buy tools for your husband, brother or father unless you have specific descriptions of the tool, with a photo if available.) There is no sadder face than that of a man who was gifted with the wrong tool.

It is the season so going to a ballgame is an option. How about a day-long bike ride tour for the entire family?

Or the old-fashioned overnight camp out?

Family outings are always a good choice for fun, but they often put Dad in the driverís seat, captainís chair, or otherwise decision maker role. This year give Dad a break on Fatherís Day and have everything pre-planned so he doesnít spend an hour getting the car ready to go, two hours or more driving, dropping everyone off at the entrance and then parking the car a quarter of a mile away.

If you are a young couple or empty-nesters, plan a night out line dancing, playing pool, going to flea markets or small town museums (donít forget Nevadaís own Bushwhacker Museum).

What Iím suggesting is think out of the traditional boxes for Fatherís Day gifts this year. Donít forget that spending time with family is the best gift to give, usually, but being a father is no easy job. As much as you appreciate your father, husband or grandparent and their roles in the family unit, remember they are not only a father.

Somewhere in every man there is still a boy and boys; just like girls, sometimes just want to have fun.

Whatís the fun thing the father in your life liked to do when he was younger; before he was a father? Chances are, he would enjoy doing that with his family now.

Building or updating a boat? Going fishing? Water skiing? Snorkeling? Remodeling cars? Racing cars? Going to car or motorcycle races or car shows? Going to antique vehicles exhibits? Riding horses? All of these activities could involve the entire family and seeing his enjoyment of sharing these interests with his family will bring a smile to everyoneís face.

How about a family trip to Dadís hometown? Go see his old school, find out what he did in school and show his children some of the old hangouts he went to after school. A skating rink? A bowling alley? A pool hall? A drive-in movie?

Where did he work for his first job? What did he do during summer vacation? This glimpse into Dadís youth will make great memories for his children or grandchildren and bring back great memories for him.

Be sure to take lots of photos to make a slideshow for him to share with his buddies or classmates at the next reunion. Putting it together as a family can be another gift to Dad on Fatherís Day.

Although gifts are always nice when you give one to your father or grandfather, the greatest gift is showing an interest in him as a complete person; not only as his role as father of the family.

Make Fatherís Day this year a great one. A great father deserves a great celebration doesnít he? Have fun and donít forget to tell your father that you love him.