Walker Board of Aldermen takes care of business

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Walker’s Board of Aldermen met in regular session on Tuesday evening and made quick work of a short agenda. Aldermen Mike Newman, Cindy Walters and Nicole Walters were present, as were Mayor Phil Martin, Treasurer Kathy Newman and water maintenance worker Bill Jeffries.

Martin called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. and minutes were approved with no additions or corrections. Martin thanked City Clerk Susan Thompson for doing an exceptional job at presenting accurate information to the board. “Very clear. Very concise. Thank you, we appreciate it.”

The board reviewed the bills and after clarification on a Sutherland’s charge, the board voted to pay the bills as presented. Kathy Newman reported nothing unusual in the treasury department. Martin expressed appreciation to the treasurer as well. “Nice job, Kathy. Appreciate it.” Mike Newman reported reconciliations all checked out fine.

A bid for a replacement steel chlorination door was obtained for $620 from Sac River Building Supply in Stockton. Since it would be tax-exempt, the total cost would be $575, not including installation. It will take approximately one week to get the door, and a Scotty said he would install. A similar door would run around $800 from Sutherland’s. After checking funds available in the water account, the board voted to purchase the door from Sac River Building Supplies and have Scotty install.

Thompson was contacted by DSWA CPA and asked if the city would like an audit this year. Last year’s audit was $6000, but it was noted by Alderman Newman that last year’s was pretty involved and maybe this year would be slightly less. The question was tabled to next meeting, when Thompson will have had time to check on pricing and aldermen have had time to ponder the issue.

A Go Fund Me fundraiser has been started for city park improvements and has $200 currently donated. It was suggested that people could also donate directly to the city and avoid the small percentage fee by the fundraising company.

Alderman Newman reminded the board that it is almost time for cleaning the water retention chamber. Jeffries explained that it has to be done by an outside company and certified staff in order to comply with reporting regulations and it was not put out for bids. Martin will contact DNR for more details.

The city continues the search for a north ward alderman.

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