Nevada R-5 school board amends budget

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Nevada R-5 school board met for its regular session meeting at the central office board room Wednesday evening. Board members present included Dr. Jeremy Fast, Jay Sloniker, Joy Hawks, Mike McCaffree, Monty Smith, and Alyson Harder, as well as staff members Dr. Tyson Beshore, Jodie McNeley, Diann Marti, and Melissa Hendrix. Lois Pendrak was absent. Board President Jay Sloniker called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

A motion to approve the consent agenda consisting of the meeting agenda, minutes of the previous meetings (Aug. 6 and Aug. 29), payment of the bills, and the sub/volunteer list was made and seconded with abstentions. The board approved the motion 6-0.

Lisa Shouse, an Educational Diagnostician for the Nevada R-5 District who tests pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students for special education services, presented the board with data in regards to the Special Education department. Shouse is currently pursuing her specialist degree in school administration and part of her classes is giving a presentation to the community or school board.

One of the statistics Shouse shared is that as of Dec. 1 of 2017, the district had an average of 14.7 percent of the student population identified with a disability, while the state average is 13.3 percent. In 2016, there were 340 students identified with a diability and in 2017, this number was 351. These numbers do not include preschool students.. As of May 2018, the graduation rate for students in the district identified with a disability was significant — to the equivalent of 24 out of 25 students graduating with a diploma. “The state is now separating out the graduation rates into different codes,” stated Shouse. “Seventeen of the 25 students that we had graduate with a diploma, graduated with credits. And seven of the 25 graduated meeting IEP (Individualized Education Program) goals.”

The 2018 dropout rate for students identified with a disability is calculated for grades nine through 12 and is .76 percent.

Next on the agenda, the MSBA (Missouri School Board Association) monthly report was shown. Dr. Beshore then gave a short facility update. “We have a limited number of sub-custodians right now and one of our current maintenance gentlemen is off for a while for surgery, so we’re short-handed,” stated Dr. Beshore. “They’ve been filling in coverage in buildings and then, of course, with the weather we’ve been having lately we’ve been mowing non-stop.”

In new business:

• The board voted 6-0 to approve a motion to amend the 2018-19 district budget that had originally been approved at the end of June 2018. With all revisions to date, the projected ending fund balance will be 23.06 percent.

• The board voted 6-0 to approved the MSBA Policies as presented.

• The board voted to 6-0 to approve the quote of $87,738 for a 2019 bus from Midwest Bus Sales as requested. Three quotes were presented by Dr. Beshore for consideration for a new activity bus. A used 2016 Midwest Transit bus with 61,700 miles for $72,974; a new 2020 Midwest Transit bus for $92,588; and the new 2019 Midwest Bus Sales bus for $87,738.

• The board voted 6-0 to approve the purchase of 10 replacement HVAC units for the High School from Geo-Enterprises, as presented by Dr. Beshore. The units are $2,711 for a total of $27,110 not including freight. Freight was quoted at $800.

• The board voted 6-0 to approve the listing of the Nevada Regional Technical Center Construction Technology house, located at 2009 N. Lynn St., for sale. The list price will be $151,000.

At 7:51 p.m., the regular session meeting was adjourned to a closed session for the purpose of hiring, terminating, disciplining, or promoting, personnel records, evaluations, and applications and approved with a roll call vote, 6-0.

During the closed session meeting and with a roll call vote of 6-0, minutes from the previous closes session were approved and the following employment actions were approved:

• A leave of absence request made by Amy Hemphill, Middle School teacher, for the remainder of the 2018-19 school year.

• Resignation of Josh Smith, Middle School wrestling coach.

• Resignation of Kaleb Alexander, custodian — effective Sept. 26.

• Resignation of Courtney Palmer, Bryan School Paraprofessional — effective Dec. 21.

• Recommendation of Gordon Harris for custodian.

With a roll call vote, the closed meeting adjourned at 8:06 p.m.

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