Steve Branstetter to be NRMC CEO

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Nevada’s City Council met in regular session on Tuesday evening with council members Ryan Watts, Blake Hertzberg, Carol Gallagher and Mayor Brian Leonard in attendance. Also present were City Manager JD Kehrman, City Attorney Bill McCaffree and City Clerk Johnna Williams. Councilman Lyndon Eberhard was absent.

Freeman Health Systems CEO Paula Baker announced to the council that Long-Term Care Administrator Steve Branstetter will be the new CEO for NRMC, most likely beginning in March. Baker, along with Freeman CFO Steve Graddy updated the council on the financial state of NRMC. More details will be included in the next edition of the Nevada Daily Mail.

The Nevada Police department requested bids for holsters and mounted lights to be paid for with funds from Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG). Bids were for 19 Safariland Level III Duty Holsters and 19 Streamlight TLR-2 Weapon Mounted Lights for officer use on duty and to be issued to all uniformed personnel with the goal of increasing officer safety. The holsters will replace existing equipment issued to officers and the weapon mounted lights will be new equipment issued to officers. The $7,232 cost is 100 percent covered by the grant award.

In new business, the council authorized on first reading payment from the Nevada Tourism Fund to the Vernon County Historical Society for marketing, advertising and promotions in the amount of $5,610; and payment from the Nevada Tourism Fund to the Nevada Griffon Board of Directors for marketing, advertising and promotions in the amount of $7,500.

The council voted in favor of adding six street lights on the 3100 through 3400 block of Industrial Parkway to improve the safety for the businesses within the area.

In old business, the lowest bid for water treatment plant piping improvements, from Southard Construction Company of Joplin, was accepted on second reading in the amount of $419,088.

The city solicited bids for the Clay, Sycamore & Alma Street sewer improvements and received bids from four contractors. The lowest bid was from McInroy Contractors, LLC, of Nevada, and was accepted on second reading in the amount of $522,673.93.

The bid from Infrastructure Management Services, LLC, of Tempe, Arizona in the amount of $24,990 was also accepted on second reading. While the lowest bid was from PMG in Branson for $17,550, it was determined that since IMS will provide additional technical resources and use more specialized equipment that their bid was the better one.

The council also accepted the drainage easement at 725 W. Maple, being a part of Lot 4, Block Thirteen of Tucker’s Second Addition as granted by James M. Farris and Lesia J. Farris.

Councilwoman Dr. Carol Gallagher updated the council on “Creating a Better Nevada” which was held on Monday. Gallagher reported good turnout for the MLK Service Day event with plenty of new ideas discussed. One focus of the group was public participation at council meetings and that some people are intimidated by the process. Gallagher suggested that might be one goal of the council could look at down the road to help meet the needs of the citizens.

With no further comments, the council entered closed session per Section 610.021 (3), hiring, firing, promoting of particular employees when personal information is discussed or recorded.

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