Nevada R-5 targeting mid-June for start of summer workouts

Friday, May 29, 2020

In a recent radio interview with KNEM/KNMO radio, Nevada High School Athletic Director John McNeley indicated the district is zeroing in on mid-June for the official start of summer workouts.

With the global pandemic having thrown high school athletics into disarray, the comments by McNeley bring the R-5 athletics picture into clearer focus.

The Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) had previously provided some guidance, having voted to lift limitations on contact days over the course of the summer.

Typically, coaches are allowed to gather their team for 20 days over the summer. This will seemingly not effect the Big 8 Conference, as they plan on keeping the max number of 20 contact days in place.

"Right now, we're really focusing on trying to get our kids to where we can get them back in the weight room, back in some type of conditioning program that's organized by our coaches," McNeley said during the KNEM/KNMO interview. "And then, also, start filtering in those sport-specific instruction days that are going to be limited to 20-per sport."

Although nothing is set in stone, McNeley elaborated on the potential June 15 target-date.

"I appreciate the way our central office administration has guided us in moving forward," McNeley began. "We have purposely steered away from being a guinea pig, and kind of want to see what things are like. There are several area (and) conference schools that are initiating the return much earlier than what we are probably two weeks prior to when we will start. What we're trying to do is put ourselves in the best position to make the most informed decision that we can, with what we know at that point in time."

McNeley added during the interview that the district is currently planning with the intentions of having a full fall sports slate. "You may see some other schools take action, or make changes to what their current situation is," he said.

"We're certainly at Nevada High School and Nevada school district, when fall rolls around as of right now we're planning on full-go," summed up McNeley. And that's certainly our hope, and our desire and our want. But with full understanding that this is a very fluid situation."

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