Letter to the Editor

Standing for Minorities Rally is act of courage

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

I grew up in Nevada and am heartened and inspired to hear that Lucas Conner, a 17-year-old Nevadan, is organizing a peaceful Standing for Minorities Rally in my hometown. I am saddened and upset by continued systemic racism in our country, yet I have been hesitant about what to do. This young man is boldly taking action, displaying courage and love that I hope is contagious. He is certainly inspiring me to do more, to be an active ally, and to shine a light on ingrained prejudice. To those who don't understand why Lucas is organizing this rally or the Black Lives Matter movement in general, I implore you to listen with an open heart. Lucas and other protesters are spreading a message of love and equality that I truly believe the majority of hearts our community would resonate with.

Emi Griess