Door Dash activity brings joy and connection during a global pandemic

Saturday, October 17, 2020
Lynna Overman prepares baskets to deliver during door dashes — an activity that was created to bring joy to the recipients during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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While the COVID-19 global pandemic is still ongoing, many people locally have found a way to stay connected with others while staying safe. Across social media sites, groups have been created to facilitate an uplifting activity that used to be seen as a nuisance — door dashing.

Also known as "ding-dong-ditching," knocking on somebody's door or ringing their doorbell before making a quick dash back to your waiting vehicle used to be a pasttime of bored youth of yesteryear. Now — with a fun rewarding spin on the activity — it is now spreading joy during a year of shut-downs, social distancing, and uncertainty.

With several different groups on social media dedicated to this activity, the Nevada Daily Mail spoke to Lynna Overman — a member of one of these groups. "How it works is you make a post of what you like," stated Overman. "For example, wine, chocolate, chips, coffee, snacks, or if you are allergic to anything — like nuts, etc — candles, puzzles, stuff for your yard or flower garden, farm decor, and bath stuff.”

An example of a basket that Overman will “dash” somebody with.
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Overman stated that you leave your address in the social media post, along with directions. Once the group’s administrator approves your post, you will be allowed on the page and will pick somebody to “dash.”

“Then you take the basket to their house, knock on their door, and run back to your car and drive off,” noted Overman. “Sometimes you get caught.” After you have dashed somebody, you then would go on the group’s Facebook page and let them know they’ve been dashed. Depending on the town she delivers in, Overman said she will say something to the effect of, “Hey Nevada ladies — just did some dashing so check your porches.”

Once a person has been dashed, they take a picture of their basket and post it on the group’s Facebook page thanking whomever dashed them — sometimes it remains a secret.

Overman stated that every month after you’ve been dashed, you simply delete your old post or edit your post for the new month. “And it starts all over again,” she said.

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