The Way It Was

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

100 years ago:

Mother took her child and left the city

Some days ago a young woman with an infant child arrived here from Montgomery City and asked Chief of Police Janes to find a home for the child, which he did.

One day the foster parents attended a reunion and left the child with its mother for the day.

The mother disappeared, taking the baby and all of its new clothing and nothing has been heard from her.

Chief Janes received a letter from Montgomery City which stated that the young woman was a member of a leading family of that city.

75 years ago:

Second defeat for paving bonds at Adrian

Adrian citizens again expressed themselves against the paving of Main street in the bond elections held yesterday, and at the same time turned down the second proposal providing for the chatting of the streets in the residential district, says the Adrian Journal of the 15th.

50 years ago:

Lonnie Eaves of Nevada injured in accident

Lonnie Eaves, 60, 321 North Commercial, is in critical condition in Fort Scott Main Street Mercy Hospital as a result of head injuries he suffered in a tractor accident which occurred yesterday on the Loyd McGrew farm northwest of Mound City, Kan.

Eaves was caught underneath the tractor as it overturnedm and hewas believed to have been under it for about three hours when he was found yesterday afternoon.