Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Sunday, February 6, 2005

Cast your ballot on Feb. 8

Dear editor:

Tuesday, Feb. 8, is election day throughout Vernon County, to determine the outcome of the 39-cent school tax increase for Nevada R-5 school district. I would urge all registered voters to get to their voting place and cast their vote, whether for or against.

The school board has set this date in Feb., mid-winter, with the prospect of severe weather and a low turn-out almost guaranteeing passage.

The weather forecast is not for severe weather. I again urge all to turn out for this very important issue.

-- Harry Hamilton


Vote 'yes' on Sheldon bond issue

I am writing in response to Janie Claflin's letter to the editor. I would like to encourage everyone who is able to vote on Tuesday to vote yes! I have lived in Sheldon for the past 20 years, and feel privileged that my children have had the opportunity to attend school at Sheldon.

There are many positive things happening at our "small" school. One of them is that 68 percent of our high school students are active in the FFA program. We have a wonderful and dedicated Ag teacher who is ready to do great things with our children. Before this can happen, we need a building where it can happen! It is like having Julia Child here to teach our students to cook. We would be glad to give her a set of pots and pans, but wait, sorry no stove!

No one wants to pay more taxes, but this is an "investment" in our children and their future. Isn't that the best place to put our hard-earned money? I think so, and I hope others will agree with me.

Ag programs and FFA provide endless opportunities for our students as well as the surrounding community. For the record, Mrs. Claflin has had one grandchild who served as president of our chapter and received a FFA scholarship upon graduation. She also has two other grandchildren who are currently very active in this great program. I do not understand why she is not in full support of this important issue.

Maybe as a "small" school we are supposed to think "small," I personally do not think so! As a long time 4-H volunteer, I believe strongly in making the best better! Yes, it will cost more taxes, but the increase is minimal and to whom much is given, much is expected.

If you do not support the ventures your school district is trying to accomplish it hurts the students and the community. As a former graduate of Metz High School, I can personally testify that if support is not given, the district will die. The property values decrease and the community dies.

Granted, there would be a supposed increase in taxes for huge land and commercial property owners. However, the fact is you are going to pay school taxes wherever you live. I for one would rather pay for the "small" school in my backyard.

Vote yes on the Sheldon Bond Issue! Vote yes on our children's future!

-- Terry and H.M. Logan,


New facility would be a great asset

Dear editor:

I would like to take a moment and speak to the voters in the Sheldon R-8 School District. The bond issue, that will be voted on Feb. 9, if passed, will be a great asset to our District. It is not a permanent tax. It will only last approximately 10 years and for something so positive this is not a long time. The last 10 years have flown by. We have so many students involved in the Ag Department -- and right now it is limited on space and equipment for this program that continues to grow.

To those who do not have children attending Sheldon, but have had them attend in the past, other people have paid taxes along with you when they, too, did not have relatives in the school. Don't punish the kids because you want to save a buck.

This building is not just for the students, they will also be able to hold adult classes which will greatly benefit the community. Agriculture is such a major part of our community. It only makes sense to provide educational resources to continue and make better what we already have. Progress is important in all fields of interest and when the opportunity arises for this growth we should make the most of it.

Our school is our future. If it doesn't grow neither will we. Unless our school is meetings our needs it could signal the end and ultimately the end of our community.

Voters vote YES on Tuesday and help Sheldon grow. At least it will be growing towards sometbing positive that works!

-- Erin Leininger