Foremans observe 40th anniversary

Sunday, April 3, 2005

By Neoma Foreman

Nevada Herald

The children of Harry and Jennie Catherine Foreman hosted a celebration March 19, 2005, at the Christian Church in Walker, in honor of the 40th wedding anniversary of their parents. The children and families are Julia and David Van Kirk, Randy Engle, Ashley Winebrinner, Harry Foreman Jr., Brett and Nicole, Tonya and Mark Smith, Nathan and Dalton, Brenda and Patrick Zarnecki, and Layla, and Mitch Longstreth.

Decorations of red and white adorned the fellowship hall, while a CD played the couples‚ favorite songs. This was a gift from their children. A tiered wedding cake decorated in red and white and baked by the honoree's niece, Carisa Hays, was served along with nuts, and handmade mints made by their aunt, Neoma Foreman, and punch. Alberta Hays, sister of Jennie, presided at the serving table.

Other guests included Juanita Foreman, mother of Jennie, Glen and Alberta Hays, Andy and Tammy Hays, Haley and Payton, John Foreman Sr, and John Foreman Jr., brother and nephew of Harry, Carisa and Russell Hays, Quinton and Quade, Roy Lee and Ruth Foreman, Alice and Joe Lee Beaty, Dick and Angela Scotten, Charles and Neoma Foreman, Chet Foreman, Coltin Wilson, Bob and Jeanie Tyler, Jack and Earlene Barnes, Terry and Mary Smith, Winkie Smith, Shannon Green, Marsha Barnes, Dennis and Judi Willman, Shirley Flake, and Deanne Brown.