Hawkins honored on 60th anniversary

Sunday, June 12, 2005

By Neoma Foreman

Nevada Herald

Betty and Roy Hawkins were honored on their 60th wedding anniversary at the Walker Community Building, May 28. The reception was hosted by Roy's cousins, the family of Jeanette Hill, Lois Reed, and Loretta Parker.

Green, blue, pink, and yellow candles and balloons decorated the white covered tables. A large floral arrangement of cut flowers and a beautiful two-tiered wedding cake decorated with white icing and pastel roses beautified the guest table. A buffet lunch was served, along with the punch and cake. Charlotte Arnold and Barbara Cubbage were in charge of making and serving the punch. Traci Longstreth and Mary Swalley, niece of Betty, helped with the buffet.


Guests were Robert and Barbara Cubbage, Nevada, Mo.; Sandi Williams, El Dorado Springs; Bill Bishop, El Dorado Springs; Linda Pate, El Dorado Springs; Fern McMullin, El Dorado Springs; Gladean Higgins, El Dorado Springs; Neil McCaslin, Lamar; also, Charlotte Arnold, Shane and Traci Longstreth, Bonnie Prewitt, Berniece and Phillip Martin, Billie Rutledge, Merle and Orpha Simrell and John Alan. Justin, Julia, Jason, Jenise, Jolene, Jane and Joshua, Maxine Berry, Christine Eaton, Leta and Tom Bloesser, Leslie and Mary Wallace, Teresa, Rachel, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Ruth Prewitt, Mary L. Prewitt, Garland and Faylene Koehn, Diane Martin, Letha Koehn, Kristina and Dana, Chester and Sylvia Koehn.