Old beef barn looks like new

Thursday, June 30, 2005
The arena floor of the beef barn at the Vernon County fairgrounds in Centennial Park, Nevada, was raised and leveled in an effort to improve the appearance of the beef barn and to solve drainage issues. Many individuals, businesses, 4-H and FFA groups throughout the county helped with the project, by providing sweat equity in the form of hours spent building and painting, by securing grants that helped to fund the project, and by donating time, money or materials to the project. The rehabbed barn will be used for a number of exhibits during the Vernon County Youth Fair.

By Rusty Murry

Nevada Daily Mail

Well, it may not look exactly new, but the beef barn at the Vernon County Fairgrounds is sporting a brand new look for this year's 60th Annual Youth Fair.

Originally built in 1962 and enlarged in the mid-70s, the barn was in need of a lot of work. The posts that held up the rafters and sheet metal roof were rotted so badly at the ground that beef committee member John Shorten said, "I don't know what kept the building from blowing away."

The renovations started back in the winter months when the county road and bridge crew replaced all of the wooden posts with steel I beam columns. The rest of the improvements are the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of dedicated people throughout the community.

The total cost of the project now stands around $11,750. A good portion of that was covered by a grant for more than $6,000 and donations from the community and individuals made up the rest. All of the money went toward purchasing materials but other needed items were donated, "part of the fencing materials were donated and all of the work was strictly volunteer," said Neil Gerken of the beef committee.

All of the barn's wooden fence was replaced with welded steel which is much more open and will allow better air circulation through the barn. More than 20 loads of dirt were brought in to raise and level the floor, and a guardrail skirting has been installed to keep the dirt in place. The electrical system has been completely rewired to bring it up to code and provide more service.

With the fair fast approaching, work was wrapped up Sunday as volunteers finished painting everything but the rafters gleaming white. The paint extends to the fencing outside the barn and includes the wash station as well.

There are a few odds and ends to finish up and "there are some plans for the future, but we were just out of time for now," said Shorten.

The committee members said they hope the building will be a little more attractive to other events and shows that could be held in the facility.

The members of the beef committee would like to thank everyone who took part in the project by donating money, building materials, or time.

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