Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Friday, July 22, 2005

Thanks, from a cancer survivor

Dear editor:

Once more I would like to ask the people of Vernon County how they feel about money raised for Relay for Life being kept in our community.

With this I would like to express my greatest gratitude to three wonderful physicians who have helped me and continue to help me in my fight against cancer -- Dr. F.L. Thompson, Nevada; Dr. Brian Ellefson, Nevada; and Dr. George Rivers, Joplin.

Without the hard work and dedication of these doctors, along with their fine nurses and staff and the grace of God I many not have been able to write this letter today.

A very special thank you with love kisses and hugs to my sister, Uncle John and Aunt Julie, who sat up with me and nursed me all the many days and nights when I was too sick to care for myself and for pushing me and encouraging me to keep going when I thought I could go no further.

Hometown cancer survivor,

Loren Cano


Youth Fair rules should apply to everyone

Dear editor:

After reading the letter from Mrs. Kimmell, against the leaders involved with the Vernon County Youth Fair, I felt I had to respond.

I have a few questions for Mrs. Kimmell.

Why are you only focusing on one meeting missed by your son? You tried to make it sound like that was the only meeting he missed and that the leaders were so cold-hearted they wouldn't let it be excused.

Where was your son for all the other meetings he missed?

Doesn't he only have to attend six for the 4-H year to meet the requirements to be able to participate in the fair?

As a veteran of 4-H, you should know and understand the rules. These rules are made and used as guidelines for the kids to follow. This helps make them understand that they are accountable for their actions.

You say that the board missed an "opportunity to set a positive precedent." Well, I believe the board did just that. What would the other 400-plus participants say if they had rules to follow and your son just got to participate without meeting the same requirements that they had to meet? Do you really think that would be the fair and right thing for the fair board to do?

The VCYF board had a special meeting the week before the fair to discuss issues such as your son's.

Why then, if you were so concerned and upset, did you not contact the board members and, most of all, attend the meeting?

Had you and your son attended this meeting, maybe you would understand why the board made the decision they made. I attended the meeting, and it seemed to be a question, why people who had issues weren't there to discuss them.

Also, when looking at the exhibits I noticed that you daughter was able to enter her entries through Girl Scouts.

The flaw in the fair rules, dealing with Scout entries, is one that I think needs to be addressed and corrected. If all the 4-H and FFA participants have to meet certain requirements, the Scouts should have to meet the same ones.

Sherry Shaw