In the mold of Sweetness

Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Students gather for the 21st annual Wax Museum presentation at Nevada Middle School on Tuesday. Kim Warren/Special to the Daily Mail

By Afton Bugg

Nevada Daily Mail

If the greatest form of flattery is imitation, then dozens of historic figures, ranging from sports greats like Walter Payton, business moguls like Bill Gates and political icons like John F. Kennedy received high honors last night.

Nevada Middle School students molded fantasy and larger-than-life images into reality through the 21st annual Wax Museum, in the school's gymnasium.

Themed, "Wax to the Max," the show starred talents of the past and present, who took their careers to the maximum.

Students in the language arts, science, and social studies classes each researched a character and wrote a four-to-five page report on the person they had chosen. The students gave an oral presentation, complete with costume and props. Each student portrayed their character and imitated a wax figure. Then the students presented a short narrative about the person represented.

One of the characters that performed was Mary Kay Ash, presented by Erica Magsam.

Magsam said, "Keep it simple sweety, that is what Ash loved to say."

Ash was born in 1918 and was married three times. In 1963 she decided to start her own cosmetics company -- Mary Kay Cosmetics -- and since most bathrooms were pink, she decided to have all of her products packaged pink. Ash hated the color pink but learned to love it. She loved it so much she bought a pink mansion and a pink Cadillac. There are now 1,600 Mary Kay pink Cadillacs on the road. In 1996 Ash suffered a stroke and turned the business over to her son.

Magsam chose Ash because she wanted to know how Ash developed make-up. Magsam found when she was researching Ash that she hated the color pink. Magsam loves the fact Ash started the pink Cadillacs and that there is so many on the road today.

Other characters and the students who portrayed them are: Vera Wang, played by Victoria Ireland; Estee Lauder, played by Mariah Mock; Aretha Franklin, played by Audrey Daniels; Paula Abdul, played by Jordan O'Neil; Jennifer Aniston, played by Jill Fritter; Jessica Alba, played by Talor Beckett; Vince Lombardi, played by Ethan Beisnes; Walter Payton, played by Nathan Ryan; Peyton Manning, played by Scott Lee; Albert Pujols, played by Ross Wolfe; Michael Jordan, played by Heather Thomas, Harriet Tubman played by Samantha Stone; Susan B. Anthony, played by Mary Ann Kennon; Rosa Parks, played by Heather Hagenson; Margaret Bourke-White, played by Sarah Andrews-Weiss; Thomas Edison, played by Clint Scotten; Lauren Bacall, played by Marica Morris; Jessica Simpson, played by Lauren Klinksick; Mary Kay Ash, played by Erica Magsam; Jane Goodall, played by Janessa Rankin; Reese Witherspoon, played by Tayler Nowak; Tom Hanks, played by Ron Johnson; Hilary Swank, played by Josie Foley; Charlize Theron, played by Rachel Kennedy; J.K. Rowling, played by Nikita Fisher; Jackie Kennedy Onassis, played by Makenzie Fast; John F. Kennedy, played by Tanner Greer; Queen Elizabeth II, played by Christa Basham; Laura Ingalls-Wilder, played by Abbi Blankenship; Martha Graham, played by Alex Holder; Katie Couric, played by Lindsay Lechman; Babe Didrikson Zaharias, played by Emily Watts; Tiger Woods, played by Austin DeBrine; Steve Young, played by Casey Long; Henry Ford, played by Austin Bron; Albert Einstein, played by George Cragin; John Glenn, played by Todd Bries; Bill Gates, played by Kaleb Claypool; and Sandra Day O'Conner, played by Ruth Prewitt.

Teacher Patsy McCullough said, "I would like to thank all of the parents for helping their students with their projects, and to the students for doing such a good job on their presentation."

Today, the students will present the Wax Museum again, for other middle school students.

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