Arts Council looks ahead to active year

Thursday, January 5, 2006
Pictured is a close-up of one of Carmen Mashek's paintings currently being exhibited at a local business.

By Lynn A. Wade

Nevada Daily Mail

As a new year begins, the Vernon County Arts Council has begun to find new places to exhibit the work of its members and is drawing up plans to raise the money to fund projects and operating expenses.

Growing interest in Vernon County Arts Council work has led to exhibits in local businesses. Currently, three downtown businesses are exhibiting the works. Arts Council members Carmen Mashek and Richard Priest have paintings on display at Jim's Appliances. Friest has paintings on display at All Around Entertainment and Gifts, where Alice Stephenson's unique jewelry creations are also on display. May's Floral and Gifts also displayed works by Beth Lightner in December.

New venues for exhibiting the work of local artists is one of the Council's primary goals, and president Jeanne Board said, "We are making some progress. There's a lot to do, when you're a new organization. We've been around a while now, and we're starting to get some things done."

But there are many goals still on their wish list, and it's likely that projects the group wants to do will only increase in number. For now, goals include finding a home for the Council. "We're looking for a place to meet, where we can have a gallery, and a place where we can have classes and so on," Board said. "We're negotiating some things in that department, now, but we can't talk about those just yet."

To meet those goals, the Council is planning some fund-raising activities. Nothing's been finalized, but a wild game dinner is in the works, along with some other fund-raising projects, Board said.

Members are also hard at work searching for grant opportunities.

"We've been told by knowledgeable people that there's money out there to support this type of organization and some of the projects we want to do." Board said. "You just have to find it."

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