Fund-raiser planned at the fairgrounds

Friday, January 27, 2006
The existing sheep barn at the Vernon County fairgrounds no longer meets the needs of area youth.

Recent interest in the goat market has heightened interest in planned improvements and concerns about overcrowding at the Vernon County sheep and goat barn, located at the fairgrounds, in Centennial Park in Nevada. Plans to renovate the barn were already in place, but Tim Haner, who's helping to organize fund-raisers for the project, said, "The interest in goats has skyrocketed recently, and we don't have enough room at the barn. The goal is to build a larger barn. The current facility is 40 by 70 feet, and organizers would like to build a new barn that is about 70 by 70 feet. A fund-raiser and benefit auction is tentatively planned for Feb. 18, with the time to be announced later. To make a donation or for more information, contact Haner at (417) 684-2518.

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