Celebrating Valentine's Day - Christian Health Care crowns Valentine's Day king and queen

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
The official Christian Health Care Valentine's Day king and queen were crowned on Saturday, Feb, 11, at the facility. Front row, left to right, are Naomi Carr and Jack Wagner, Valentine's Day queen and king. Back row, left to right, are Geneva Myers; runner-up, Brenda Conrad, activities director; Doris Millman, activities director; and George Dobson, runner-up.

Christian Health Care of Nevada crowned a Valentine's Day king and queen at the facility on Saturday, Feb 11.

The king and queen faced stiff competition from the other four contestants, who were nominated by the resident council. The winners were chosen by a combination of staff, visitors' and residents' votes.

Mainly, news of the event was spread by word of mouth and from the pictures posted at the nurses station. The drawing was held on Friday, Feb.11, and that's when the winners were chosen.

"They've been so excited. I enjoy the residents so much. I love it here the administration and everyone is very helpful." said Brenda Conrad, the facility's activities director. The residents were treated to an afternoon party with entertainment provided by Dan Keller on the piano. The runners-up were given a single rose. There were two couples in the runners-up slot, -- Jewel Long, Clifford Moore, Geneva Myers and George Dobson. The crowned queen was Naomi Carr, who said, "I didn't expect this. It's all very nice. I almost didn't get here because I was sick in the hospital, but I got here and that's all that counts."

The crowned king, Jack Wagner, was enthusiastic but not quite sure what to make of his rose and candies.

Wagner said, "It worries me a little bit, I never had anyone give me a box of candy or a flower before."

The entire residence turned out to this event and they were all very excited. Conrad noted she couldn't have done it without the administration, hairdresser or kitchen staff. The residents are looking forward to another event next year.

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