The Way it Was

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

100 years ago

Bids for old court house

The Vernon County court will meet next Monday to receive bids for the old court house. So far only one sealed bid has been filed but it is known that at least two others will be filed by next Monday. A Mr. Nelson of Kansas City was here today in company with Judge Martin, inspecting the old building. Mr. Nelson who has had much experience with brick buildings, stated to the Mail representative that the old court house contained enough material to build six, five-room houses.

50 years ago

Local ladies involved in mishap

Mrs. Dean Huston, and her sister, Mrs. Loueatha Cole, were the unwilling participants in a freak accident yesterday afternoon on Highway 54, near the airport.

Mrs. Huston and her sister were traveling west returning home from El Dorado Springs and met a large, light-colored truck traveling east. As the car and truck met some part of the truck or something extending from the truck struck the Plymouth driven by Mrs. Huston. She brought the car to a stop and found that the sun visor which was bolted to the car had been ripped off and could not be found in the area. The car was not damaged otherwise and the visor was apparently carried on by the truck, the driver of which was not aware of the accident.