Pritchett seeks to clarify 911 spending statement

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Vernon County Commission recently met with Cecil Pritchett, president of the Osage Valley Resource, Conservation and Development group. Pritchett was concerned with a comment made by the mayor of Nevada, Brian Leonard, at last Wednesday's candidate forum. Leonard said that he did not believe the city of Nevada should have to spend the city of Nevada's money to bring 911 to the county.

Pritchett said the statement points to a misunderstanding he feels needs to be clarified. Instead, said Pritchett "the money for the county 911 program came from a grant the RC &D obtained."

As the Vernon County Commissioners, Pritchett and the USDA official pointed out, the whole system was done so that the city-county would all have comprehensive and compatible systems that will provide assistance to each other during emergencies.

It's an interesting system to many, when one component in an area within the county is disabled others can take over for it, there is even a server set up in the basement of the ambulance building.

Bonnie McCord, the southern district commissioner said "It's smart to have systems that work together."

Pritchett plans to address the mayor at the next City Council meeting.

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