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Letters to the editor

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Inetvisions story response

Dear editor:

As I read the article regarding consolidating Vernon County's ISPs, I became alarmed at the inaccurate and one-sided perspective. As a Vernon County resident and previous customer of Aicon, it was evident that Shane Balk is uninformed on the service his company provides.

The article stated "most people would not notice the change immediately, if not at all."

It appears that Bronaugh is not part of the "most people." In fact, Inetvisions is not providing service to the Bronaugh community (922 prefix). While Aicon was more in tune with the rural community of Vernon County, it appears Mr. Balk is only looking at the profit and not the customers.

While Mr. Balk expressed his disappointment that "the city went with guys from out of town. It seemed they ignored us." I was glad to see him receive the same treatment that he provided many of his rural customers. I too would go with someone from out of town since Inetvisions is a company that does not seem to care about their customer base. Maybe Mr. Balk needs to get more acquainted with the "soft skills" vice the "technology skills." His staff's soft skills (customer service) are less than adequate during this time of change.

In addition, Inetvisions customer support to the Bronaugh community has been non-existent. During discussions regarding the service Inetvisions could provide (i.e. 667 access numbers, other ISPs available, wireless capabilities, future expansion plans), the office staff wanted to "free up the telephone line" for another call. Obviously Inetvisions is only thinking about the "next customer" and not their current customers, or should I say previous customers.

Maybe the reporter, Steve Moyer, should capture both sides of the story before finalizing his report. Have him talk to the people involved in the takeover. While this may be profitable to Inetvisions, it does very little for the community. If Mr. Balk's goal is to provide service, then when will he increase coverage to include rural communities -- or has he forgotten that Vernon County is a rural community?

Maybe Inetvisions needs to become more educated on the available options for providing wireless ISPs to rural communities.

For someone who is supposed to be an expert in the Internet, maybe Mr. Balk should become more educated on the ways to support rural communities with Internet service. Money is available through federal grants to provide service to rural communities. I hope he will look into the Federal Rural Wireless Outreach Initiative, which partners with the Federal Communications Commission Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development, Rural Utilities Service, and private industry coordinating activities and essential information on programs, financial and other, for rural communities.

Also, it is very disheartening that the "network administrator for Bronaugh Schools" would leave the Bronaugh community without a viable Internet access provider. Maybe Bronaugh schools needs to look for another network administrator who has the community's interest in mind.

-- Sherry A. Shaw


Team up for patriotism

Dear editor:

The American Legion Americanism Committee and the Sons of the American Legion answer the call for help by Nevada's own "Flag Lady" Judy Knowles. It seems the city officials told her that she, as an individual, can no longer put up the flags along Austin Boulevard from Memorial Day though Veterans Day.

Judy has been putting up the flags for five years by some local supporters who have donated time and money for this great American show of patriotism.

The Sons of the American Legion have volunteered to put the flags and banners up this year and they have two members that are on the Americanism Committee of the American Legion.

The "Flag Lady" needs help in funding the repairs on brackets that hold the flags to the light poles and the replacement of unserviceable flags that are in bad shape.

As a fund-raiser for this project, the Americanism Committee will replace a flag and help the project. For a $20 contribution to the committee, the post will replace one flag. A $5 contribution to the "Flag Lady Fund" and a $5 contribution to the committee for supplies will help such patriotic projects in the future.

In the opinion of some city citizens and myself, I think it would be a great asset to Nevada if our city officials would join in this project. For more information call (417) 667-6321.

-- Ronald W. Browne