The Way it Was

Friday, November 24, 2006

100 years ago

New electric line up again

The Kansas City, Springfield and Southern Railway company looks more like a sure thing now than it ever has an the members of the Citizens Committee firmly believe the electric road will be built from either Stotesbury or Richards to Nevada, and thence to Springfield. Mr. McDonough the originator of the enterprise arrived here Friday, accompanied by W.B. Forsythe of Chicago, who is president of the company, and C.C. McFann an expert electrical engineer under whose supervision the road is to be constructed. Mr. Forsythe is the gentleman who has the money to defray expense and who is to put up a $5,000 check as a forfeit that the company will carry out its part of the contract to build the road while Nevada is under contract to secure the right-of-way and furnish land for shops, headquarters and terminals.

50 years ago

Earthquake hits St. Louis and Southeast Missouri

ST. LOUIS -- An earthquake accompanied by a loud roar rattled windows in cities from nearby Alton, Ill., on a 180-mile line through St. Louis to southeast Missouri last night.

Police in St. Louis County, Popular Bluff and Sikeston were swamped with calls after the 10:14 p.m., quake. Many persons said the noise sounded like an explosion. Reports also were received from Festus and Centerville, Mo., south of St. Louis.