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Friday, February 23, 2007

100 years ago

Joplin milk embalmed?

JOPLIN, Mo. -- As a result of the pure milk agitation which was started in this city last Monday night it has developed that while a large quantity of really pure milk bearing the inspector's stamp has been received from Kansas City, a large amount of condensed milk has been received from St. Louis by local dairymen.

Mayor Lyon says that he has seen dairymen deliberately pour water into one can which would later be used in adulterating the milk in the other can when the supply ran low.

From local undertakers it is learned that large quantities of formaldehyde have been purchased by local milk dealers for the presumed purpose of preserving their milk and cream.

50 years ago

El Dorado Springs man injured in accident

An El Dorado Springs man was hospitalized after his pickup truck went off the road on a curve about seven miles south of El Dorado Springs on Highway 32 and overturned about 2 o'clock, Friday afternoon.

He is Herschel Albert Culbertson, 49, a farmer of near El Dorado Springs, who officers said was intoxicated, was taken to the Nevada Hospital. He suffered seven broken ribs and a broken shoulder in the accident. Trooper Danny Walker, who investigated the accident , said the truck was apparently traveling at an extreme rate of speed when it left the highway and overturned. He was going north at the time of the accident.