The Way It Was

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

100 years ago

Burglars in town

Burglars visited Nevada last night and so far there is no clue which will lead to their capture. The Key Grocery Store on west Austin street was burglarized but the thieves only secured 65 cents for their troubles. The burglars gained entrance to the store through a rear door and evidently brought a sledge hammer with them. The small iron safe looks very much like one of Uncle Sam's battleships had used it for a target. The door was broken from its hinges and several dents on the top and sides show that the thieves attempted to batter the safe into small pieces. There was nothing missed from the stock goods and it is believed the thieves were after money.

50 years ago

Kraft and Ferry to the council

Ingles Ferry, young Nevada undertaker who was successful in his first bid for public office, led a field of four candidates in the Nevada City Council election yesterday, receiving 1,029 votes for one of the two council posts being voted.

Joe C. Kraft, who is completing a one year term to which he was elected last year, was the other successful candidate getting 783 votes. Mr. Kraft is engaged in the wholesale business in Nevada.