The Way It Was

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

100 years ago

Germany expects war

BERLIN -- That the developments of the last few days have dangerously increased the tension in the relations between America and Japan is the opinion avowedly entertained by even the conservative German observers.

"Unquestionably," says Count Reventiow, the naval authority today, America confronts a situation of great difficulty, diplomatically as was as strategically, Japan owing to financial conditions, and also because England probably would bring pressure to hear to prevent a clash, is presumable under strong restraint, but from a military view point it is already in a condition of preparedness and does not need further delay.

50 years ago

Break-in reported at service cafe

A break-in at the Service Cafe, was reported at 9:20 last night by Harvey Armstrong, who lives above the cafe.

Mr. Armstrong told police that he heard a noise and when he investigated he saw someone standing in the cafe. Police were unable to locate the person, who had gained entrance by a rear door.

Owners of the cafe, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Snowden, after a check of the property told police that nothing was missing.