What should we bring inside?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la, cause decisions to make in the fall. How many of these pots and hanging baskets that we so eagerly established in May are worth bringing inside now that cooler weather has come? Some plants have already made that decision. They decided to have a nice dignified death where they were planted. Others look too straggly to be worth bothering with.

But that brings up another problem. If I brought those straggly-looking plants inside would they maybe flourish in a more controlled environment? We don’t have scorching sun, high winds, or cool nights inside. We pretty well stay the same day after day unless I forget to water them.

But do we want to look at such poor specimens in our living room? We don’t have a room that could be devoted to nursery care unless we give up some space that is used for computers, books, lounge chairs and beds. Those are the essential things in our lives these days. Oh, we do need the kitchen and dining room table, but you notice that didn’t pop into my mind right off like the other things.

One of my favorite T-shirt sayings that I have read recently is one that proclaims, “I only have a kitchen because it came with the house!” (I would really miss having our kitchen. It is a passageway out to the room where we feed our cats!)

Some of my favorite outdoor flowers are petunias. They are still blooming bravely in spite of the wind and sometimes they even withstand some pretty cold weather. But they are not intended to live from year to year. So I can leave them where they are and not feel guilty.

Another plant I am undecided about is one whose name I can’t remember. It was a gift from my daughter-in-law several years ago and was beautiful with dark red blooms on it. I have brought it in each year and it thrived under an east window near the wood stove. Some years I thought it had bloomed its last, but then it took a new start on life and leafed out and blossomed.

There are only a dozen or so leaves left on it this fall after all the hard winds. It has been with us so long I guess I will bring it in one more time, at least, to see what happens.

The begonias insist upon living. I now have a pot of white ones, another pot of pink ones, and still another of dark red ones. They are pretty but I am having trouble finding three spots for them. It would be sensible to re-pot all three of them into one bigger pot and save some space. But I don’ t have a bigger pot on hand unless I throw out the ailing nameless plant.

But I have already decided to keep it. I could go buy another big pot but I’ m not going to town today and if I once get the three situated for today, then I might as well leave them there for the winter. Maybe I’ll get lucky and one of them will die.

I’m leaving my mum outside for a little longer. It’s in a sheltered spot and is a cheery yellow that will brighten our entrance. That just leaves the large hanging basket (which we never got hung) of impatiens. It’s very pretty but the flowers spread out so far it takes up a lot of space. I’ll bring it in, but I don’t know where I’ll put it.

I sure hope we stay healthy all winter. I wouldn’t have enough space if anyone sent any of us a get-well plant!