R-5 board considers partnership with Cedar Ridge State School

Friday, November 16, 2007

During a regular meeting Wednesday night, the Nevada R-5 board of education discussed a partnership with the Cedar Ridge State School. Cedar Ridge has empty classrooms that the R-5 district could use. Permission is being sought from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to use the classrooms for the early childhood programs currently housed at the Bowman Building. Initial approval was granted by the Assistant Superintendent of Special Education but the district also has to gain the approval of the Commissioner of Education as well.

"This would be a very good thing for the district," Noah said. "The only concern might be that they might need the classrooms again and of course if we move the programs out of the Bowman Building something else will go in that space so there might be a problem relocating at that time. The cost to the district would be minimal, the only cost would be pro-rata for the utilities and lawn mowing and other services, the space itself wouldn't cost us anything. Marshall is the only other school district in the state to have such an arrangement and they also do not pay any occupancy cost."

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