Letter to the Editor

Concern about the parks

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dear Editor,

It's with mixed emotions that I wrote you today as a follow up to a letter to you a short time ago concerning the trash and praising the two young men in their wonderful job of cleaning up uncaring people's dumping of trash in the Walton Lake. They did a very good job, the lake was clean and beautiful when they were finished.

Yesterday, Oma and I went around the lake and was very sorry to see a great deal of trash was back. It didn't appear to be picnic trash, but plain household trash that had been deliberately dumped; some packing foam peanuts were on the bank that appeared tot have spilled while someone was dumping them in the lake. I feel sorry, also disturbed, by the people who are taking away the beauty of nature, but also for not being able to enjoy Mother Nature's beauty, as the rest of the community does. Let's do better.

P.S. We just went around the lake and were pleased to see that some wonderful people had cleaned up the lake again. Let's keep it that way.

Leroy C. Beshore

Nevada, Mo.