Letter to the Editor

Whites were enslaved too

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dear Editor:

I am responding to Mr. Charles Nash's article of 29 November titled "Are We Lurching Backward-Again?"

He falsely states, "The Indians were exterminated, like vermin, by white pioneers .... many years earlier it (America) was stolen from the Native Americans." The truth is the Indians were defeated on the field of battle by a people more advanced in technology and numbers; a people who did not exterminate them, for Indian descendants are with us today. A good book to get clarity on the pioneers and Indians is "Scalp Dance" by T. Goodrich who spoke to the Vernon County Historical Society members about his book not many years ago.

"Native American" language used by Nash is PC to make whites feel they do not belong here. Bunk. Consider the growing evidence that whites preceded Indians in the North America as revealed by Barry Fell in his "America B.C." where he reports that Europeans lived in America 4,500 years before Columbus. In Mesoamerica, the same story can be told as revealed by the white god Quetzalcoatl (Aztec/Toltec god), Kukulcan (Mayan god) and the Incas called this same white god Viracocha who brought with him laws, script and civilization to the Americas.

Pizarro wrote, "The ruling class in the kingdom of Peru was fair-skinned with fair hair." For details about whites in South and Central America read "In Search of Quetzalcoatl" by Pierre Honore. Who is Native American now?

Nash states, referring to Negro enslavement, "the ancestors of whom arrived here as the slaves taken by force, like oxen, from Africa by their rapacious white captors." The enslavement of Negroes here was wrong. The correct perspective includes the help Negro chiefs gave to this effort by selling slaves to the whites. Imagine the importance these Negro chiefs made to enslaving blacks that goes unmentioned. I do not accept the guilt grip, Nash implies upon Whites.

In America, blacks owned slaves. For example, in Louisiana the census of 1830 reveals 753 black slave owners. In Africa, blacks owned Negro slaves.

What about white enslavement? Whites have been enslaved big time. For example, the word "Slav" comes from the word slave as those Eastern Europeans were the primary victims of slavery, thus Slavs stuck as their name. Rome, Greece and Egypt all used white slaves. The Vikings sold thousands of whites to Arabs as slaves who were the ancient slave traders of Africa of which Stanley and Livingston got an eye full.

In 1659, Parliament debated selling whites into slavery and referred to them as "slaves" and not "indentured servants" the description commonly used to hide this act of slavery. For a full exposure of this read "They Were White and They Were Slaves," by M. Hoffman II. Most white Americans probably are descendants of white slavery. It is time to move on and put the Negro enslavement to rest as Whites have put their enslavement to rest. Every race can play the enslavement card. Crying "black enslavement" is wearing thin and is past history. As Lee said after his surrender at Appomattox, "It is time to forgive."

Finally, Nash said, "change is the very key to America." It depends. There is a difference between white immigrants of Christian faith who brought similar values: invention, discovery, law, and civilization to America and all other immigrants who are bringing Islam, Buddhism, voodoo, etc., and crime, heading us to third world status as Arabs, Mexicans, Nigerians, etc., are not going to move America forward as the Irish, Germans, etc. have done. Read an earlier article by Patrick Brophy explaining European immigrants are different than all others.

Further, when miscegenation occurs, and it is under way, no nation in history has maintained the ways of the indigenous population under miscegenation: Egypt, Greece and Rome are examples. China has remained Chinese because the people have remained Chinese. These changes I believe will weaken inventiveness, discovery, Christianity, law, and all other things America has been, therefore, are not good changes.


Gray Clark

Schell City