Tickets from Dec. 23-30

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dec. 23

James L. Smith, El Dorado Springs, seat belt law.

Dec. 24

Fred L. Buergin, Nevada, failure to yield right of way.

Janet G. Stevenson, Moundville, failure to stop at a stop sign and seat belt law.

Rowdy D. Whittington, Nevada, failure to stop at a stop sign.

Dec. 26

Jeffrey A. Bergen, Prairie Villiage, Kan., failure to stop at a stop sign.

Nathan P. Clark, Schell City, no proof of insurance.

Thomas F. Gruver, Harrisonville, no proof of insurance.

Rodney E. Mather, Nevada, speeding 40/30.

Michael P. Miller Jr., Nevada, speeding 42/30.

Christopher M. Race, Milo, expired license plates.

Jesse M. Taylor, Nevada, expired license plates.

Janice R. Thurston, Fort Scott, expired license plates.

Jack E. Vion, Anaheim, Calif., speeding 44/30.

Dec. 27

Garet W.S. Bird, Nevada, expired license plates, no proof of insurance, expired license splates, and no proof of insurance.

Richard J. Meyers, Nevada, improper turn, and driving while intoxicated.

Dec. 28

Sara B. Allen, Nevada, expired license plates.

Kenneth M. Anderson, Nevada, failure to obey police officer, resisting arrest, burning prohibited items, and unauthorized burning/method.

Nicholas B. Righter, Nevada, expired license plates.

Jerry Dean Wheeler, Nevada, failure to obey police officer, and interference with a police officer.

Dec. 29

Edward G. Fowler, Nevada, expired license plates.

Patricia J. Garrigus, Arma, Kan., speeding 50/40.

Phillip G. Morgan, Warsaw, Mo., expired license plates

Erika S. Newman, Nevada, no proof of insurance.

Dec. 30

Heather A. Martin, Rockville, Mo., expired license plates.

Robert D. Vance, Bronaugh, Mo., speeding 41/30, no proof of insurance, and seat belt law.

Kendall L. Wendt, Wichita, Kan., speeding 53/40.