Letter to the Editor

Annexation Issues

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Editor

I am writing in response to the letter from Alberta Hays printed in the Sept. 21 Nevada Daily Mail. Mrs. Hays made the statement that you cannot blame the school for not getting a good education. Maybe you can't blame the school, but you could blame the voter who voted against annexation, who may keep you from receiving more and better opportunities at a school less than 20 minutes down the road. Why should the students of NEVC miss out on the educational opportunities that students in the Nevada R-5 School District have? They shouldn't. That is what this whole annexation is about, and has been from the beginning of this campaign. The opposition to this annexation would like you to believe it is about other issues.

Yes, there are other issues, such as run down and poorly maintained buildings that have been in this condition for some time, inadequate transportation resulting in students spending excessive time on the bus and having to borrow buses from Nevada R-5, poor and inadequate wiring throughout the buildings and the condition of the restrooms, just to name a few. All this due to the choices and decisions made by the NEVC school board. All of these issues are unacceptable conditions for a public school and for students to learn in. Again, more reasons for annexation.

Lastly, there is no tax increase or new school issue on the ballot this time, but don't be fooled. The issue for a new school WILL show up on a ballot, as well as tax increases in the future. NEVC has not been able to maintain their buildings in Walker or Schell City, nor have they met their responsibilities to the students and taxpayers up to now, as shown by the aforementioned statements, and repeated requests for more money. How do you think NEVC can do this in the future? It is only possible by raising your taxes again and again and again. If they could not do it in the past, why would you think they could do it in the future. Please consider ALL the issues and vote YES for annexation on Nov. 2.


Annette Wortman