Tickets March 15-March 22

Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 15

Samantha R. Gilmore, Nevada, failure to stop at a stop sign.

March 16

Anthony R. Gardiner, Nevada, failure to register vehicle, no proof of insurance.

Penny E. Selby, Nevada, dog without current rabies vaccinations, no dog tag.

Kelly J. Snyder, Nevada, speeding 43/30.

March 17

Thomas Claypool, Nevada, failure to stop at stop sign.

Kristopher R. Cox, Nevada, failure to transfer plates.

Zacharias L. Nance, Nevada, expired license plate.

March 18

Scott J. Grubb, Nevada, no headlight, driving while revoked, no proof of insurance, failure to register vehicle, expired license plate.

Sylivo Mannel, Nevada, speeding 44/30.

Dale E. Poe, Quenemo, Kan., speeding 41/30.

Candy M. Roof, Nevada, speeding 40/30.

March 19

Kenneth T. Antonavich, El Dorado Springs, Mo., speeding 55/40.

March 20

Tiffany M. McIntosh, Nevada, speeding 49/30.

Raeann M. Morales, Nevada, expired license plate, no proof of insurance.

Brian E. Wallace, Harwood, Mo., expired license plate.

March 21

Janet L. Darnell, El Dorado Springs, Mo., speeding 51/40.

Delbert E. Elder, Uniontown, Kan., speeding 41/30, no proof of insurance.

Dallas E. Slanart, Nevada, driving while revoked.

March 22

Chester J. Bunyard, Nevada, speeding 52/30.