Nominations sought for revitalization award

Saturday, November 12, 2011

There is less than one week left to nominate some business for the city's 2011 Business Revitalization Award, Julie Lewis, community enhancement director, said Thursday afternoon.

"The deadline for nominations is Nov. 18," Lewis said, adding that the award will be presented during a December city council meeting.

The award was established in 2010 to recognize property owners who made significant exterior improvements to their property that has enhanced the neighborhood and the community. The award does not provide any money, but it does recognize the efforts of property owners with a nice trophy as well as public recognition.

Nominations can be from the property owner or someone else.

"We have two nominees for the award so far -- Branham Diesel and Spring Village," she said.

In 2010 there were six businesses nominated for the inaugural award: Hutchinson Hardware, 122 E. Cherry, which was won the trophy, Airwaves, 111 E. Austin, Cherry Street Grill, 127 E. Cherry, Heartland Behavioral Health Services, 1500 W. Ashland, Hoffman Financial Resources, 225 W. Austin and White Grill, 200 N. Commercial.

She said that there are several other businesses that have not been nominated that would meet the criteria.

Some of the things they are looking for in nominees include:

* Dramatic improvements to properties or structures that halt or reverse decline.

* Maintenance or refurbishment of structures and properties that halts or prevents decline.

* Total redevelopment of a property or structure.

* Infill development, like new development on a vacant parcel.

According to information on the city's Web site,, the Community Revitalization Award nominations are evaluated by assessing their impact on the surrounding area or on the city as a whole if appropriate.

* Has the effort improved the built environment?

* Has the effort contributed to the stability or enhancement of an existing neighborhood?

* Does the effort set a desirable precedent for surrounding property owners?

Projects considered for awards may incorporate the following elements:

* Building or facade improvements.

* Landscaping or lighting enhancements.

* Signage upgrades.

* A consistently high level of general maintenance.

The Revitalization Award guidelines and nomination form are on the city's Web site, Lewis said that more information about the nominee, the better. Things like before and after photographs, how long did the project take, what was done and how much money was invested should be included with the nomination.

If more information is needed, contact Julie Lewis at the Nevada City Hall, 110 S. Ash Street, (417) 448-2400.

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