Handprints of hope

Saturday, August 11, 2012
Nevada, Mo. -- Rescued animals help rescue children with conditions like autism and social reactive disorder through Honey's Hope. The folks at Torontow Rural Mental Health's equine assisted psychotherapy program rescue and rehabilitate horses, one of which was Honey, a Clydesdale rescued from somewhere near Houston, Texas. Honey was emaciated and Sarah Tornotow said veterinarians thought she was crazy to try to save Honey; but it worked. Honey's doing much better now. They've rescued other horses, too, like this Quarter Horse, a cow horse that suffered from navicular disease (a bone and tissue condition that leads to lameness, usually in the front feet). The horses, including some miniature horses, are used in the therapy; and now the facility wants to add a riding component to the therapy. This horse became a canvas for handprints at Tuesday's National Night Out at Walton Family Aquatic Center in Nevada. Each handprint was worth $1 from an anonymous donor, to help make the equine assisted therapy available to those whose families may not be able to afford it, otherwise. Above, Paiten Leftwich traces her handprint onto the horse. Lynn A. Wade/Herald-Tribune

Each drawing means $1 for equine assisted therapy program near Nevada

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