Fire Runs Nov. 19-Nov. 26

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 19

North Ash Street and Highland Avenue, vehicle accident.

November 20

South AA Highway and East Halley Road, vehicle accident.

224 S. Alma St., authorized burn.

300 W. Douglas St., aircraft standby.

East Austin Boulevard and South Underpass Street, false alarm.

North Osage Boulevard and East Hickory Street, vehicle accident.

November 21

700 E. Highland Ave., smoke scare.

West 54 Highway and 1275 Road, vehicle fire.

815 N. Lynn St., investigation.

421 W. Arch St., unauthorized burning.

213 E. Sycamore St., medical assist.

November 22

403 N. Main St., alarm system.

November 24

1101 N. Elm St., Apt. No. 8, medical call.

November 25

300 W. Douglas St., aircraft standby.

November 26

1495 E. Ashland St., alarm system.

220 S. Main St., alarm system.