Letter to the Editor

Our lawmakers have pulled us down

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear Editor:

I know why we have so many bad things going on with guns.

We have all been pulled down by our lawmakers. They no longer work for God or mankind.

Over 60 years ago kids would carry guns to school to hunt rabbits when snow was on the ground. I went to a little school in Hillsdale, Kan., where we all believed in God, love, cleanliness and truth. I guess our lawmakers have taken that out. It looks like they want to turn us into a dirty, low-life, godless world.

All our people need today is love, respect, God, a job and a decent group of state and federal lawmakers. These days they just aren't sanitary.

Everything must be done as clean, honestly, godly and the best one can do. Why can't everyone see that.

Leroy Elwood

Osceola, Mo.